Psychic Consultant Dina
Love Therapist   Happy Couple, Romantic Couple, Love on the Beach

Whatever your problem with love, I can help you!  My psychic and clairvoyant talents have given me the ability to help you resolve your relationship problems.

  • Help with Sexual Problems
  • Lost Connections
  • Divorce
  • Reunites Loved Ones

As a Love Therapist, I can fix your problems.  There are no bad relationships, only bad advice.  A common problem with my clients is that they look to others for help with their relationship problems.  Your friends and family will give you advice from what they have learned in their own lives, but everybody is unique.  That is not always the type of guidance that you need.  I can find the source of your love problems and tell you how to fix them.

  Love Therapy may be done in person or by phone.    
  Price: Reunites Loved Ones - Call for price
Love Therapist $90/reading (approximately 30 minutes)

Pay $90 for your Love Therapy session with PayPal, Credit or Debit Card (you do not need a PayPal account).

Include your phone number under "Special Instructions" so I can call you for your reading or let me know if you would like your reading done in person.  Send your full name and date of birth to  Call me at my office 1-703-753-7714 or on my cell 1-703-586-5282 to be sure I have received your payment.  I look forward to speaking with you!  ~ Thanks, Dina