Psychic Consultant Dina
Life Coach   Successful Woman on the shore

Being a clairvoyant and a spiritualist have made me a skilled and perceptive life coach with insight for all matters of the heart and spirit.  I can provide you with guidance for path transformation, relationships, career, and self healing!  We all have times in our lives that we need relationship and career guidance to push forward.  My clairvoyant ability enhances insight in these areas, allowing me to direct you onto the best path for your life.

Not only can I steer you toward the best path for your life, I can also help you turn off the wrong path.  I am experienced helping people end their alcohol and drug addictions.

I am here to encourage you onto a positive path in your life.  I can offer you wisdom from my own life experiences.  Once we realize the power we have within, I believe we can create our own destiny!

To offer life coaching, you will need to first have a Crystal Ball Reading so that I can determine what areas of your life you need consulting.

  Life Coaching may be done in person or by phone.    
  Price: Purchase a Crystal Ball Reading.