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There are many types of semiprecious stones, crystals, and gems.  Each stone offers specific healing abilities which are beneficial to your life.  You may choose to wear the stones as jewelry, keep them loose for meditation, or use them in your decor.  

Some examples of healing stones are:

  • Amethyst, found in Australia and Mexico, soothes the nervous system, promotes healthy sleep free from nightmares, protects against theft and violence, and can increase confidence.
  • Aventurine, found in Brazil, is used to inspire wealth.
  • Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan promotes friendship, goodwill, wisdom, mental clarity, helps to overcome depression and guard against oppression and evil.
  • Olive Jade, found in China, is used for longevity & good health.
  • Picasso Stone, found in the USA, helps with Arthritis.
  • Purple Aventurine, found in India, is great for guided meditation.
  • Rose Quartz fromSouth Africa and Brazil enhances all forms of love: romantic, platonic, mother love, self-love, caring and kindness. It encourages forgiveness and tolerance.
  • Sapphire from Sri Lanka provides protection from harm and gets rid of unpleasant and unwanted thoughts.
  • Tigereye, found in South Africa, is for protection, courage, grace, self empowerment, integrity, and willpower.
  • Turquoise from the Eastern Mediterranean enhances creativity, peace of mind, communication, friendship, and loyalty.

There are endless other semiprecious stone that can help you in your life.  Stones make a great, thoughtful gift.  I have a great selection of stones available for purchase.

  You may purchase stones in person or by phone.    
  Price: Varies by stone