Psychic Consultant Dina
Candles   Candles

Candles are a wonderful tool that can help with an array of problems. After giving you a reading, I can recommend a candle or candles that can best help you.

I offer various candles for all types of needs.  All of my candles are made in the hold land, Jerusalem.  I get them through a church in Canada and am proud to offer these holy candles.  

My candles can help with:

  • Love
  • Wellness
  • Ward off the evil eye
  • Protection
  • and More

Aromatherapy candles can aid in meditation, relaxation, stress relief, healing, and more.  It's important to find the right candle to help with your individual needs.  There are Chakra candles that can help balance your Chakras.  Find peace and tranquility with the help of calming aromas.  Call for more information.

  Candle orders may be done in person or by phone.    

Price: Varies $200 - $500

Call my office 1-703-753-7714 or my cell 1-703-586-5282 for a reading and then I can recommend the best type of candle to help you! ~ Thanks, Dina